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Registration to Sing "Requiem" by Hector Berlioz

Sunday, July 29, 4 PM at Hochstein Performance Hall

Rehearsals are at Perinton Presbyterian Church on Rte 31 near Rte 250— see dates below

Questions: Email: mailto:sing@fingerlakeschoral.org, call (856) 431-3722, or visit www.fingerlakeschoral.org

Can't print this form? See the Download link at the bottom of the page or e-mail us for your own copy. 


Address ________________________________________________

City ______________________________State_______Zip________

Home Phone ____________________________________ 

Email address ____________________________________

Voice part (circle) Sl S2 Al A2 Tl T2 Bl B2

Do you now sing with a chorus? Which one(s)?

NEW MEMBERS ONLY: Musical experience and a short list of choruses with which you have sung:


How did you hear about this year's program?   E-mail    US Mail  Through my regular chorus: ____________________________

Friend  Newspaper  Other



Registration fees: $45, $20 for students

Music: Will be provided FREE

Donations: Those who can afford to contribute are encouraged to include a voluntary tax-deductible donation with their registration fee.

Chorus Finances: The major sources of chorus revenues are registration fees and voluntary donations. Please note that the concerts are offered free to the community. This makes it less of a chore to invite family and friends to our performance and saves both you and them money. We ask only that you consider making a voluntary donation in accordance with your means. Donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged in our concert program. 


Rehearsal-dates: W 5/30, W 6/6, W 6/13, W 6/20, W 6/27, M 7/2, M 7/9, W 7/11, W 7/18,

Concert Week at Hochstein (tentative): Mon. 7/23, Wed 7/25, & Fri 7/27, Concert Sun 7/29.


A detailed rehearsal schedule, music, and further information will be mailed to you when you register. Additional information may be viewed on the "Registration Information" page at www.fingerlakeschoral.org.  Attendance: While there is no formal absentee policy, good attendance is necessary to deliver a high-quality performance. Please endeavor to attend all rehearsals unless you have unavoidable conflicts.


$45 Regular: ___________

$20 Student ____________

Music: (free)

Donation: _____________

Total:      ______________ 


 Finger Lakes Choral Festival, Inc., P. O. Box 30823, Rochester, NY 14603 

If you are unable to print this page, click the link below, download, complete and return the Registration Form with your payment.

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